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Hi. I took an introduction to government class and an introduction to general psychology class this summer at a CC, but assist says that these classes don't have an articulation with CSULA POLS 150 and PSY 150. The learning outcomes are similar as well as the course description. All other CSUs, and UCs, accept it. Can I get credit for it? Where do I go to make sure it transfers over?


If there is no direct articulation on and the course is transferable it is recommended you visit your major advisor and request a GE petition. 

Print out the course description from that school’s catalog                       (no copy and paste). Your advisor will then review the description and compare it to our university catalog. You may want to compare the descriptions as well.

Cost per unit for an Undergraduate/Resident student?


Information on tuition is found in the following link below:

Is Econ/Math 109 one class or is it two, Econ 109 & Math 109?


Econ/Math 109 is what is known as a Cross-listed course. It is considered one class.

When in doubt looking at the course description in the E-catalog will help. Using Econ/Math 109 as the example:[27]=MATH&filter[29]=&filter[course_type]=-1&filter[keyword]=&filter[32]=1&filter[cpage]=1&cur_cat_oid=10&expand=&navoid=702&search_database=Filter#acalog_template_course_filter

MATH 109 - Quantitative Reasoning with Statistics

(also listed as ECON 109)

*Prerequisite: Completion of remediation, if required, or score of 50 or above on ELM requirement.
  Principles of quantitative reasoning, data presentation, descriptive statistics, correlation,probability, distributions of random variables, sampling distributions, interval estimation, and statistical inference, with multi-disciplinary applications. Graded ABC/NC                   GE A4

*All prerequisites for the following MATH courses must have been completed within the past year: MATH 100, 102, 104A, 104B, 105, 109, 204, 206 and 242. The Entry Level Math (ELM) requirement must be met before enrollment in MATH 089, 090, 091, 100, 102, 104A and 109. The ELM exam scores are good for one year for placement purposes. The Early Assessment Program (EAP) exemption is good for one year from high school graduation for placement purposes.

Is Public Health and Health Service Majors the same thing?


Clicking on the link below will provide you with information regarding Public Health

Can I call to speak with an advisor or do I have to go in person?


Communication with an Academic Adviser is very important. If you have a declared major it would be recommended for you to contact your college advisement Center. This will allow you find out who is the adviser assigned to your major and what is the best way to get in touch with your adviser.

If you are an undeclared student you can contact the University Academic advisement center (323) 343-3160

Cal State La Academic Advisement Centers

Arts & Letters                                                Music 221               (323) 343-4015          

Business and Economics                               SH C-256B                    (323) 343-2810

Charter College of Education                        KH D-2078                     (323) 343-4300

Engineering Computer Science and Tech     E&T A126                 (323) 343-4527

Health and Human Services                          FA 238                       (323) 343-5500

Natural and Social Sciences                          KH D-1050                (323) 343-5284

Univ. Academic Advisement Ctr.                     Lib south 1040A       (323) 343-3150

Hi, I just registered for Univ 400. I was wondering when and where do I the $25 ? thank you

Hello, I have provided a little more information about the WPE exam

How do students register for UNIV 400 (WPE/GWAR)?

  1. Check the Schedule of Classes under UNIV 400 WPE/GWAR listing and select a section.
  2. Note date, time, and exam location for the selected section.
  3. Register through the GET system before the add deadline.
  4. The $25 WPE fee is Non-refundable.  Please make sure you are registered into a UNIV 400 (WPE) section before paying the $25 fee at the Cashier’s Windows located in Student Affairs.
Is your Cal Grant supposed to show up in your financial aid page? i got Cal Grant B if that matters

Hello, Yes the Cal grant should appear on your GET account. If you are encountering difficulties it is recommended for you to either visit our financial aid office or contact their office at 323-343-6260.

You can also visit the Cal Grant website to view your award’s status. Click on the following link:

Hello! :) For new students, do we deduct $100 from the tuition fee because of the enrollment deposit? Thanks

Hello there,

Yes, they submit $100 less.

Hello, is it recommended that students pay for tuition online or in-person? Thanks in advance :)


Both are good options. Choose what feels comfortable to you. Keeping in mind tuition should be paid 3 business days prior to your designated registration date.

Hi, I was granted provisional admission as a transfer student for fall 2014. My application still states 'complete" not "admitted". My orientation is in one week, and I have yet to received the orientation packet. I understand that students have to pay tuition before registering for classes. Even though I am not officially a student, should I pay the tuition fee prior to my orientation date or do new students pay later? Thank you so much!

Hi Happy Friday!

Very good question, one way to verify your admissions status is by contacting the admissions office by email. Their friendly staff is very good at responding to your questions in regards to the status of your application. Make sure to include your CIN# in your email or

If you are paying tuition out of pocket then it is recommended you pay the full amount 3 days prior to your Registration date in your case 3 days prior to your Orientation date.

If you have any questions regarding your Orientation you may contact their office at (323) 343-3195