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Hi, when I was trying to add a class, there is am error message appeared saying Unable to add this class - term maximum exceeded. Tuition and fees payment error or you exceeded the number of units approved for registration and You are unable to add this class at this time. Adding this class would exceed your no GPA unit limit for the term. What should I do

This error message indicates the full-time tuition fee has not been fully paid. Full-time tuition for Fall 2014 is $2115.36. Check your financial aid award on you GET account. After reviewing your award visit the financial aid office for further assistance. 

Hello! Where and How do we pay for the Writing Proficiency Exam (WPE)? The fee is $25.00.


Before paying for the WPE make sure you are enrolled in a section of Univ 400 which is the WPE on the online schedule of classes.  The $25 fee is non-refundable

Students pay for the WPE at the Cashiers windows located in student affairs.

Hey, would it be super hard to get from SH to KH in 5 minutes?

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I would not say super hard, but if you are the type who likes to select  good seat this might be hard with a 5 minute squeeze. it is always good to consider all factors.

Fall 2014 Registration

Undergraduate Students: PHASE II – Make schedule adjustments:
Freshmen and Transfers

Monday September 15-Thursday October 9, 2014

Need help with swapping of dropping classes? view the short video clip on:

videos appear on the upper right hand corner.

Need to contact a department? Use the Cal state LA directory.

How much is a daily parking permit?

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Costs for Daily Permits are as follows:

1 hour and 15 minutes $1.00

2 hours and 15 minutes $2.00

4 1/2 hours $3.00

All Day $6.00

Motorcycle/Moped $2.00

For more information click below.

Hello I was wondering if when wanting to register for 16 units and currently having only nine (one remedial) is GET counting my remedial math as 4 units even though it appears as none ? get will not let me register for more than my nine units 😩

Hello, Do not feel alone this is a common concern.

Remedial Classes

Remedial math: 89, 90, 91 

Remedial English: 95, 96 

These classes do not receive credit towards your degree units or GPA but you do receive unit credit towards class-load used to determine full time status.

So if you register for remedial classes don’t be alarmed if you notice (0) units next to your Remedial Math or Remedial English. They are (4) units of “invisible” credit. Therefore if you currently have 3 courses and each is worth 4 units  (includes remedial courses) You have 12 units for Full-time status purposes

12units = Full-time status. 

Better sense?

Hi, I am planning on taking Econ 201 in the fall but just wanted to know if I had to take Econ 150 first? Do the two classes correlate? Do you recommend taking Econ 150 first?

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When selecting courses it is always a good idea to look up the course description in the E-catalog found on the Cal State LA website.

Once you find the course of choice if you notice there is no per-requisite listed in the description then it would be ok to take the course. 

Hope this helps!

how hard is it to get classes if you do not have priority registration ?

It is always a good idea to plan ahead. Try to have additional sections of the course you have selected to save time.Write down all your classes include the name and number of the class Ex. Engl 95…5-digit call number, and the section number. Include the additional courses that will serve as backup in case a course is full at the time of your registration. 

Check at least 3 days before your registration for any holds.

Have the University directory ready in case you need to contact a department

prefix to Cal State La numbers is (323) 343-

hello i payed the difference of my tuition on cashnet but how do I know my loans are coming in? I did the counseling and MPN a long time ago and it says on get my application is still in progress :( i heard a lot of people have problems with financial aid :/ There was no email to contact them directly and they never answer I was on hold for over an hour .. please help !


It is recommended you try and visit the financial aid office before your enrollment date.Do not be alarmed by what you hear. Every student is different. Definitely try your best to visit the financial aid office.

If your GET account reflects your application is in progress, contact the Admission office to verify.Use the following email and include your CIN#

Hi. I took an introduction to government class and an introduction to general psychology class this summer at a CC, but assist says that these classes don't have an articulation with CSULA POLS 150 and PSY 150. The learning outcomes are similar as well as the course description. All other CSUs, and UCs, accept it. Can I get credit for it? Where do I go to make sure it transfers over?


If there is no direct articulation on and the course is transferable it is recommended you visit your major advisor and request a GE petition. 

Print out the course description from that school’s catalog                       (no copy and paste). Your advisor will then review the description and compare it to our university catalog. You may want to compare the descriptions as well.